If I have a talent, I need to share it. That’s the only way I know how to live. I share my talent out of love. Love for the talent and love for the person I’m sharing it with. If I could, I’d do everything anonymously.

However, my identity needs to be known for certain things. For example, if I setup someone’s wireless network for them, I have to go to their place and do it. They’ll obviously see who I am unless I find some practical way to mask myself. In those situations, some people feel the need to show their appreciation (even though it is not required) just as I have the need to share my talent of setting up a wireless network.

For those people, here are some easy ways to show your appreciation. They are ordered by preference and you are more than welcome to do none of these things or all of these things.

  1. Pay it Forward
  2. Refer a Friend
  3. Write a Testimonial
  4. Subscribe to Blog
  5. Barter
  6. Give a Wishlist Item
  7. Give a Monetary Gift

Pay it Forward:
For the uninitiated, “Pay it Forward” means instead of paying someone back for receiving a good or service, you offer a good or service to someone else in need without wanting something in return. You can read more about it here. Is the world ready for random acts of kindness? I’ll soon find out.

Refer a Friend:
I love sharing my talents with new people, so refer a friend if and only if you think I did an amazing job.

Write a Testimonial:
If you have no friends who would benefit from my talents, the next best thing to do is write a testimonial. It’s something you can do once whose influence is ongoing for anyone who reads it. If you have a blog, you can write a testimonial as one of your posts. If you don’t have a site, you can write a testimonial here. Wherever you decide to leave a testimonial, please refer to me as ozz.

Subscribe to Blog:
Everything I put on this blog is meant to be seen. That is why I release it to the public domain instead of using copyright. Feel free to use the information on this site for whatever you please. Subscribe here.

If you have a special gift or talent that you’d like to share, let me know. One thing that I like more than sharing my own talents is when others share theirs with me.

Give a Wishlist Item:
If you’re in a gift giving mood, you can send me a wishlist item. Click here to see what I’m interested in.

Give a Monetary Gift:
I’ve decided to no longer work for money, so I’ll never charge anyone for doing something for them. However, I will graciously accept monetary gifts if offered.


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