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Alicia Dark or Angel Keys

I went to the Alicia Keys concert last night, and she reaffirmed her status as the best female singer/songwriter in my eyes.

Me and my babes had seats on the lower level to the side of the stage. I happened to run into someone I went to elementary and high school together. He was pretty wasted, I hope he remembers. But that wasn’t the best part of getting those seats. The best part was most of the time we got to see Alicia from behind. She has some great looking child bearing hips.

Alicia Keys

I haven’t been to a concert in awhile. I guess the new thing is to wave your cell phone from side to side instead of lighters. That was a cool site. Next time, I’ll record some video of it.

During the song “No One“, they had this big screen playing in the background. On it was video of a bunch of people singing the song from Youtube. That was a nice touch. Glad to see Alicia’s team embracing people recording themselves singing their songs and posting it on the internet instead of some artists who call their fans criminals.

As I stared at Alicia during her 2 hour set, she looked more and more like one of my other favorite artists, Angel Dark. I’m speculating that Alicia Keys is secretly moonlighting as Angel Dark making albums during the day and adult entertainment at night. Or maybe they just look alike. You be the judge.

Alicia Dark/Angel Keys

Whatever the case, I’ll be sure to get tickets for me and my babes next time Alicia is in town. I love when my girl sings along doing hand motions and everything. It looks like she’s really having fun.