Big Buck Bunny (High Resolution iPod Version)

Big Buck Bunny is an open animated short created by the same fine folks who brought you Elephants Dream.

I went to the official Big Buck Bunny download page and saw they only had a 320×180 iPod version available. However according to the specs, the iPods with video and the iPhone support up to 640×480 video.

So I went ahead and created a 640×360 version which should look beautiful when hooking up a video iPod or iPhone to a standard definition TV.

I’m an avid supporter of the open source philosophy. Showing the uninitiated that this philosophy can produce amazing results is one of my goals, so I hope this helps.

I used the 1080p H.264 version as the source and transcoded using Quicktime Pro and Perian. Full tutorial on how to create iPod friendly videos coming soon. The videos also progressively download in flash players such as the popular JW Media Player.

You can get the newly transcoded video at the following links:
The Pirate Bay

Update (6/7/08 @ 15:10):
I just checked the official Big Buck Bunny download page today, and they now have a 640×360 version available. I’d like to think that I had some influence in getting that particular resolution added, but it’s more likely due to the fact the new iPhones are coming out this week.

Update (6/7/08 @ 16:26):
Since there’s no need for my transcoded Big Buck Bunny video anymore, I checked out the official Elephants Dream download page and the link for the iPod version is broken, so I created a high resolution iPod version of Elephants Dream at the following links.



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